How You Got Here

We, DH and I, are thrilled that everyone who uses our quilted items, know they are getting a unique, one of a kind, quality, hand crafted item worthy of the most deserving person in your life.

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Before I created Sew Kreative by Kathryn, I made that full circle in my work career, always loving what I was doing, but not quite getting to where I felt I needed to be.  I have always dabbled with sewing, embroidery, quilting as a side business, working in off season to my regular job.

I had learned about Etsy a few years before from a fabric vendor.  I took a look, started creating,and listing items.  Then I had my first sale, a pillowcase.  Then I had another sale, and another, and sew on.  All while I was selling real estate full time.  Busy.  I tested different products.  Some succeeded, some failed.  It turns out, determining what to sell was more challenging that I originally thought.  There was a lot of competition for pillow covers.  I sold a few, but could not compete.

Then one day I just told my DH that I had way too much invested in equipment, supplies, training, etc., for this to continue to be a hobby.  I had to either liquidate inventory, or go full speed, full time, to build my business.  So, I worked for over a year on my business, then DH had a career change and asked me to run the office.  Well, I did so, reluctantly, because it put me on hold, again.   And, I am not a full time bookkeeper sort of person.  It was fun for a few months, then I began to hate it more and more.  I was simply out of my element.  I knew where I needed to be  – – – home – – – creating quilts !  So, I did.

There is a long history of artists on my Mother’s side of the family.  They were all painters.  Not me, I need a sewing machine and thread to paint with.  I had built a sewing machine business with little cash, from the ground up, when we lived in Arizona.  Hard work, long hours, persistence.  I knew I could do this again.  This time I get to use my creative, artsy side. Working by myself, rocking out with my favorite tunes.  Only the cats and dogs to distract me.  I feel I am sort of channeling my grandmother, great grandmother, and great, great grandmother, and their talents.  More on that later.

I decided to create quilted items primarily, especially since purchasing a long arm quilting machine.  Build one quilt at a time focusing on quality workmanship.  Creating handmade quilts.   Doing it the old school way, but with computerized machinery to speed up the process.   Bold colors and bright florals.   My love for color has set me apart. Thanks grandmothers.   Beautiful large floral prints, simple quilt patterns, showcasing those gorgeous fabrics, and it was working.  Every day is challenging.    As consumers, we change our minds as quickly as ever.  E-marketing has changed the way the world shops and makes purchases.  Creating quilted items is fun for me.  E-commerce is the biggest challenge.  So, I continue to learn how and where to market on the internet.

Through it all, my quilts and other quilted items are finding their way into hundreds of homes.  It is a huge thrill for me to package an item for shipping and print the shipping label.  Goofy, I know.  But, I grin as I walk to the mail box.  Who knew !!!  I sure didn’t.  queen size quilts, full size quilt, lap quilts, handmade quilts

Quilts represent home.  Warmth.  A treasure.  An heirloom.  Quilts have been made, by hand, for centuries, and passed through the generations.  I have only a couple of quilts hand pieced by my great, great grandmother in the 1930’s.  I hold them dear to my heart.  I strive to create those heirlooms for you and your family.  Even though they are made by machine, they still hold those same feelings, a gift to be treasured for years, a memory made from a loved one’s clothing, t-shirt quilts from the kids years in sports or music, etc.

It is with heartfelt love that I create these quilts to share with you.  The testimonials I receive bring tears to my eyes.  I am able to create something special and unique for families and people I have never met.  It is a wonderful, full-filling feeling.  queen size quilts, full size quilt, lap quilts, handmade quilts

Thanks for keeping me in stitches.  Kathy

p.s.  the loves of my life in the photo, my grand kids at Homecoming 2017. Lizzie is a freshman, who starts on the girls varsity basketball, and Spencer, a senior, who also starts on varsity basketball.  They have made my life into a whole new experience.  So far, 15 years of basketball and still going . . . .